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Fully Funded Solar PV

Understanding Solar PV: Operation, Expenses, Installation, and Available Grants

With the rising costs of energy and the increasing focus on sustainability, investing in solar panels can be a smart long-term investment for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and lower their energy costs. Demonstrate your company's commitment to the environment by switching to solar. You can reduce your carbon footprint and show your customers and employees that you care about the planet.


Understanding Solar PV

Solar PV, also known as solar photovoltaic, is a technology that converts solar energy into electricity using solar panels. This type of renewable energy can power homes and businesses and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Unlike traditional solar solutions, solar PV panels are able to generate electricity even on cloudy days. The amount of energy produced by the panels depends on various factors, such as the orientation of the roof and the amount of energy required to power the business.

Solar is one of the only completely renewable energy sources that exists. Solar energy does not release any greenhouse gases and doesn't pollute water sources, meaning it is the ideal energy source for a business that is looking to reduce its carbon footprint.

Solar PV is a cost-effective way to cut down on your emissions and the price of your energy bill. Our customers have found their energy bills reduced by up to 60%. It is also a great way to improve your energy security by being less reliant on the National Grid. Storing electricity on-site means that you give your business a supply to fall back on, should this be needed.

The Benefits of Solar PV for your Business

How much could you save 

with Solar PV? 

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By analyzing your energy consumption, local incentives, and available solar solutions, we can provide you with a personalized estimate of the savings you can achieve through solar energy adoption. Get in touch with us today to uncover the substantial cost-saving potential of solar for your specific circumstances.

*Please note that the information presented in this table is derived from the results obtained by previous customers. While we strive to provide accurate and informative data, it is important to understand that individual results can differ based on a variety of factors.

Working Towards a Sustainable Future

Beyond the environmental impact: Solar panels can also provide a reliable source of electricity, reducing your dependence on the grid and protecting your business from power outages. And with government incentives, Capex free export payments and financing options available, there's never been a better time to invest in solar. Long-term savings can be achieved by generating your own clean, renewable energy.

ECBS is a great choice for installing solar for commercial business property because we have the expertise and experience to design and install solar systems that meet the specific needs of each business. We can provide a turnkey solution, from the initial consultation and design to installation and ongoing maintenance. By choosing ECBS, businesses can be confident that they are working with a reliable and knowledgeable partner who will help them achieve their energy goals.


Solar Installations in the UK











Solar energy is experiencing a surge in popularity across the United Kingdom. This growing trend can be attributed to various factors, including increased environmental consciousness, advancements in solar technology, and government incentives. As more people become aware of the importance of renewable energy sources and their role in combating climate change, the demand for solar installations has risen significantly.

Improved solar panel efficiency and decreasing installation costs have made solar energy more accessible to a broader range of businesses.

Solar PPA

& Available Grants 

We offer a range of Power Purchase Agreements and offer assistance in seeking out available grants. 

We have access to multiple private funding partners who will fund and maintain a solar project meaning absolutely no capital outlay to the business. Many businesses want to adopt solar but don’t have the upfront capital right now. Our free solar solution means that you can have solar today, and benefit from low-cost solar electricity today.


But we’ve made the contracts flexible - so you can buy the system from us at any point and at a price which discounts during the term. Your business will only pay for the electricity that your system produces each month. This is a significant benefit to a commercial operation, given that the electricity is being purchased at a cheaper rate than from a traditional grid-connected supplier. At the end of the term, the system is gifted to you for a further 10-12 years use with full discount vs the grid.




We install solar panels on your roof with a connection linking them to an inverter and a meter. Your business will use the electricity generated by the solar first, whilst staying connected to the grid, so there is no need to change anything regarding your existing supply.


We have a 24/7 care package that covers all maintenance. This is included at no charge for our free solar clients, and at a competitive rate for companies wanting to own the system on day 1. We remotely monitor systems which means that you’ll never need to chase us to sort out any problems. In fact, we’ll resolve problems before you even notice you have one. As the asset is owned by the investor during the term it is in their best interest to use only top-quality goods and to ensure the system works to full operational potential.



The opportunity not only lies in savings but in the offset in carbon and emissions for the business not just from an energy usage point of view but purchasing too as you will be purchasing less from the grid supplier. Helping businesses earn and stay accredited and attracting new customers who will only work or expand their supply chain with companies that do not increase their carbon output. There is so much more to consider than just the financial savings included in solar.

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How it works

Find out 


Download our Solar PV Brochure for an in-depth overview of our services.

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