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By taking charge of the procurement process on behalf of businesses, we can save you both time and resources. We ensure that your business is kept well-informed about industry changes and regulations, helping you stay updated and compliant, prevention is better than cure after all.

In essence, we augment value by granting access, providing expertise, generating savings, and keeping businesses informed on energy matters.

Supporting a variety of businesses

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We assist SMEs in pinpointing savings opportunities, securing suitable deals through switching or renegotiation, and managing technical aspects like meter installations and audits.

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Our experts secure the best energy deals for your business, whether flexible or fixed, ensuring you never overpay. We also provide guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility and ESOS compliance, freeing your time for business priorities.




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Our dedicated multi-site energy management team simplifies your multiple meters and sites, enhancing buying power through basket tenders. We streamline contracts with synchronized end dates for better control and visibility of your energy accounts.

Reduced Costs

Improved Forecasting

By harnessing our expertise in procurement, we secure cost-effective rates, delivering savings on your energy bills and enabling resource allocation to essential facets of your organisation.

Enhances your financial planning with timely and precise market insights. This empowers you to make well-informed decisions about your energy expenses, optimising your budgeting and financial stability.

How We Make
A Difference

Our commitment lies in effecting positive change within businesses when it comes to energy. Through our expertise and innovative solutions, we aim to drive meaningful transformations that benefit our clients

Time Saving

At ECBS, we efficiently manage your energy matters, saving you valuable time that can be redirected toward your core business operations. 

Reliable Suppliers

Leveraging our vast network and relationships with reputable energy suppliers, we ensure you have access to consistently reliable energy sources, minimizing disruptions.

Our Trusted 


Energy Purchasing

If you're seeking to reap the rewards of a flexible supply agreement in combination with the right risk management strategy, a tailored flexible procurement strategy could be the solution that provides you with the desired level of risk, certainty, and price opportunity.

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Market Peaks

Flexible energy procurement is best suited for organizations that consume above 10GWh of power annually and/or above 1 million therms of gas. Nevertheless, smaller businesses can also benefit from flexible procurement by selecting an Options Portfolio product, which pools them together with other small businesses in a single flexible purchasing contract. 

Our Risk Management experts will collaborate with you to understand your objectives and create a bespoke trading plan to optimize your energy pricing. We'll leverage the expertise of our award-winning trading team to enhance pricing and provide you with regular reports on our trading performance and cost forecasting, keeping you informed and empowered.

How do we do this?       

Understanding Your Needs

We invest time in comprehending your supply contract requirements and recommend the most suitable options available to you.

Strategic Planning

In line with your business objectives, we will advise you on the optimal strategy available.

Trading Expertise

Our team of seasoned trading professionals will enhance your energy pricing.

Performance Reporting

We will provide you with regular updates on market fluctuations, trades, positions, and the benefits you've achieved.              

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Download our Flexible Energy Purchasing PDF for our indepth overview of our services.


Energy Procurement

Fixed energy prices work by allowing businesses to secure a fixed rate for their energy supply over a specific period of time. Under this type of contract, the energy price remains constant throughout the agreed-upon term, regardless of any fluctuations in the energy market.

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Our fixed-price energy procurement solution is straightforward and guarantees a set price for a designated supply period. This solution is ideal for small to mid-sized energy consumers with a typical spend of less than £500K who prefer a straightforward approach to energy procurement. By opting for this solution, you will be assured of price certainty for the duration of your contract.

Our team leverages competitive pressures to minimize supplier margins. However, our primary focus is on optimizing the timing and duration of contracts.  We have direct relationships with over 15 suppliers to find the best energy contract to suit your business. We take away the time, resources and risk when it comes to energy.

The Best Prices 

Locked In

How do we do this?                                                                                    


Together with you, we will determine your requirements and devise a strategy that encompasses the optimal timing and duration for your energy contract.


Supplier Engagement

At the opportune moment, we will approach a selection of relevant suppliers who can meet your needs and expectations.


Results Analysis

Our Procurement Specialists will carefully scrutinize the results and present recommendations. This in-depth analysis will ensure that all offers are compared on a uniform basis.


Contract Placement

We can assist you in placing your supply contracts with your preferred supplier, guaranteeing that the terms offered are fully aligned with your needs.    

Find out 


Download our Energy Procurement PDF for our in-depth overview of our services.

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Let's Work Together 

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