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ECBS Academy: Creating Opportunities

At ECBS, we offer a multitude of services such as energy procurement, energy management and sustainable solutions for businesses across England, Scotland and Wales. The energy market is constantly adapting, evolving and changing; We believe it is essential for our academy members to be well equipped with the knowledge and skills required to face the challenging environment of such a volatile industry.

The ECBS Academy is being ran by the Team Manager, Mark Storey and Assistant Team Manager, Robbie Gray. The pair are working side by side with our academy members, providing a first-class training program which has held a positive impacted the academy from day one. With the guidance of our experienced team, the training academy offers participants valuable skills such as client management, B2B outreach, effective communication, customer relationship management and much more.

Academy Member, Jacob Jackson has given us his thoughts on his experience at the ECBS Academy so far.

“My time in academy has been the most well put together and best training I have ever had. The atmosphere is always outstanding with the sound of everyone working as hard as possible. If there was ever a place to learn how to do the job to a high standard by the end of it… this is the place! On a final note, Mark, the academy leader, has been on the ball with everything from the training, to the motivational speeches. I’m very excited to see where my future leads at ECBS and I’m glad to have had the best start possible.”

Another member, Gary Ohara, also wanted to share his thoughts to reflect his time here so far.

“The ongoing training and knowledge we have received which has been passed down from Mark and Robbie has been invaluable to me personally and the team and it goes without saying that we are thriving on becoming a successful asset to the business.

Everyone in the business from top to bottom have been welcoming and friendly to date and the company’s incentives as a team makes be believe that this is a very good company to work for.

I look forward to developing my role with the ongoing support that the academy team will get in the future.”

We are really pleased with the progress of our academy so far and the feedback we have received. We have plans for the ECBS Academy to continue to expand as we grow as a company.

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